We Are Not One

People like to put others in boxes; they become easier to understand.  As women we often identify ourselves in very limiting ways, “I’m the wife of, the mother of….”

How often have you asked someone what they do and then assign a bunch of characteristics to this label? When I meet someone for the first time, I want to know what moves them, what lights them up and makes them feel alive.

The more I drop my judgements about myself, I become more willing, flexible and open to be moved by the truth of the other in any given moment. The light shining from your and their eyes will help you to keep trusting the human heart.

We are not one but many.
We are scientists, searchers, travelers,
Leaders, lovers and listeners,
Vulnerable, powerful and humble.

We are priestesses, goddesses, witches, 
Mothers, wives and daughters,
Tender, tough and breakable.

We are healers, warriors, visionaries,
Creators, connectors, believers,
Tuned in, turned on and turned up.

We are talkers, jokers and whisperers.
We are lost, found and on our way.
We are something, nothing, everything.
We are not one but many.

Let’s celebrate the consciousness of woman and who we are in the world.

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