Healing hormones, and genetics

“Belinda truly is a Menopause Whisperer. She invites you on a healing journey, walking beside you, allowing you to tune into your mind, body and soul. This is far more self empowering than any quick fix. Belinda has a deeply grounded knowledge in the healing traditions of mother nature through food, herbs, essential oils and supplements and has the application of a scientist with smartDNA testing and Nutritional Therapy. I ‘m beginning to join the dots and feeling more balanced, rested and nourished.”

Dana, age 54, Southport

Hot flushes and sleep

“Thank you so much Belinda for all your help. I can hardly believe how great I am feeling. The hot flushes have reduced significantly at last, and the insomnia that I have experienced for the last 2 years, all but gone too. The changes to my diet and lifestyle along with the herbal remedies who have suggested all appear to be working. Thank you!”

Sheryl, age 55, Burleigh Heads

Natural Biorhythms

“Belinda really assisted me to better understand my biorhythmic anatomy and from this place of deeper understanding, and with gentle and practical guidance, I was able to make the appropriate dietary and lifestyle adjustments that moved me towards better health and greater happiness. Belinda is an incredibly caring and thoughtful practitioner with a depth and breadth of knowledge that extends far beyond expectations.”

Rebecca, 34, Burleigh Waters

Mood issues

“No libido, hot sweats, irritable, emotional, cranky…basically riding a roller coaster of hormonal instability.  Well, if all or part of this sounds familiar go and chat with the lovely, sensitive and very knowledgeable Belinda Rennie (The Menopause Whisperer).  Found my sessions very helpful and have gradually felt some relief from the constant roller coaster ride that was my life.  Take the time to see Belinda; be patient results will not be instant but you owe yourself and those who love and live with you.”

Di, age 47, Mudgeeraba,

Hormone balance

“By combining the learned Science of Nutrition with an innate intuitive sense, Belinda continues to guide and encourage me to a new level of self-awareness which has helped enormously in my journey towards a gentler, more sustainable level of health and wellbeing.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Shaleen, age 49 Mudgeeraba

Diet and exercise

“During the time I have been seeing Belinda she has fine tuned my diet, helping me find a gentle balance between foods that I like and those that will nourish and support me and my hormones  at this stage of my life.  She has given me a suggested  menu plan with recipes, selected specific tissue salts that I require for my hair, skin, nails, nerves and mind as well as talking about various alternate methods of exercise such as dance and yoga.  Belinda has helped me understand the changes occurring through the information she imparts each time I meet with her.  Thank you Belinda.”

Helen, age 56, Upper Coomera

Mineral therapy

“I had heard about the benefits of tissue salts (minerals) but it was just one of those many things I put off for another day.Then the opportunity arose to see Belinda and I have been totally amazed.I was suffering from depression, lack of energy, anger, unable to get up in the mornings, salt cravings for years, arthritis, sinus, head and eye problems.Even I find this incredible but I can truthfully say that within a week ALL the above symptoms had improved dramatically. It felt so good to be able to get up and enjoy life. My anger dissipated and I was able to talk reasonably, my salt cravings definitely lessened and the sinus problem is greatly improved.I would say to everyone, “make an appointment to see Belinda…she may be able to help you too with these remedies!”.

Cheryl, age 64 Tugun!, walking 

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