Radical self-devotion

Self-devotion is THE most important process to cultivate before, during and after menopause. It’s an extended pause, not to schedule more activity into the day but to see, listen, hear, feel and then move towards the care and keeping of you.

It’s a remembering and return to embodiment again and again. To deep nourishment and the powerful healing that flows. Self-devotion is ecstatic, reverential and pleasureful! It develops a capacity to trust that wholeness, balance and freedom are already present. 

From this place, without thinking, everything can comes back into alignment – hormones, mood, energy, sleep, food choices, breathing – and your capacity to connect, create community and care for the Earth. 

This poem was written after a trip to the Northern Beaches of Sydney to celebrate the launch of my friend, Nila Chamber’s book, The Gift of Intuition – Guidance on a Healing Journey.

Radical Self Devotion

I’m the eye of the storm around the chaos of human turbulence,
Humming, heaving, grinding, breathing.
Here the eye is quiet.
There’s the lap of ocean,  sshhhh of wind in the trees.
Even the cockatoos silent on their perch preening, 
Intertwining heads ruffling feathers in the wind. 

Sink into self devotion.
Get close to the earth to commune with creation.
A quality of tender hearted kindness.
Devotion to the divine inside and out. 
It’s simple, free of judgement, it’s radical. 

Watch the breath with grace and ease. 
Let the energy of chi flow easily. 
Find the blockage give it space to breathe.
Feel the body, no pushing just release. 
It makes me laugh with relief. 

Food in my mouth taste explodes. 
Gratitude to the man or woman who brought this to maturity. 
Cosmic dust, now soil to substance, 
Animal, vegetable, mineral, settling,
As earth’s chi deep within me.

Salt on my skin, ocean in my eyes, 
I’m washed clean of all the junk in my head. 
Rocks, to stones, to sand and swept back out to sea 
Eventually that will be me.

Eye of the sky there’s a gap in the clouds. 
That’s my cue to rest.
eel my heart beat faster. 
Hear the conversation in my head. 
But all animals rest it’s natural, no permission required. 
Let go to the weight of my body. 
Delicious sleep, blessed sleep. 

See there’s no schedule for this. 
Not performing for points or marks in the sand.
Just moments of presence where love rises,
And finds a resting place.
Not selfish because it moves on to touch, 
Another in its infinite wisdom.

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