v. re·pairedre·pair·ingre·pairs
  • To restore to a sound, good, or complete state after decay.
  • To make amends for, as for an injury.
  • To fortify; defend.

The bell has sounded and it’s home time. Time for contemplation, reflection, pairing ideas to find creative connections. Time to rewire oneself, repair relationships with others and the land.

Feel the wisdom and wholeness that comes from cradling the opposing tensions of crisis in your cupped hands: separation and connection, gratitude and greed, beauty and brokenness, chaos and calm, control and letting go, life and death, love and fear, yours and mine…  

Re Pair

Put two and two together to re pair. 
A pair of black cockatoos course overhead, 
arcing and joining, their wings almost touching 
mates for life, “The earth and I are one”, they cry.

But the earth has cracked open 
when before there was solid ground.
We are afraid of falling through the cracks.
If we could only look up we would see the
clear, blue, unpolluted sky and know that repair is possible.

So much distance between earth thinking and sky dreaming.
To soar free and unfettered in our imagination 
when there is global sadness.
I’d like to think repair is possible 
before annihilation.

The hands of the clock wear each other down 
as they glide over the face 
knocking milliseconds off.
Real time slows down, reverses, 
coming into earth time, repair time.

Rivers flow backward to source, 
solid to Liquid back to gas, before thought become consciousness, no matter 
Parallel universes, past lives loop and intersect 
time becomes slippery.*

Time to repair our colonial debts
our historical debt. 
Look backward to see the wisdom of the Dreaming.
Indigenous know how, old ways in front of us.

In now time, empty time, healing is done. 
Body sloughs off old cells and makes new ones.
as it merges with the great repairer;
10 days for a skin cell, 4 months red blood cell, 1 year new liver.
New molecules sing their own unique libretto 
and a new sound is born.

I know that repair is possible.

*phrase coined by Arcadia the Alchemist

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