Practical Wisdom in Challenging Times

Thank you for those of you who attended “Practical Wisdom in Challenging Times” with Catherine Ingram, author of “Facing Extinction”.

There was a sense of marinating in Catherine’s expansive, compassionate presence as a blessing in these times. Whatever I had been wrestling with over the last few months was laid to rest in her words “give up the search, love what you love, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s enough.”

Catherine shared her practice of deep inquiry and addressed questions from the group of acceptance as a guise for apathy and denial, hope, fear, resilient communities, the rise of mental health issues and impact of climate change on developing nations. 

In these transitional times she placed value on acquiring and sharing practical skills: growing vegetables, managing water supply, fixing things and one of the hallmarks of healthy communities, navigating conflict through adversity.

Afterwards, over chai and bliss balls, when small groups gathered to share their own reflections, my fall back position came forward. No one knows how this is all going to unfold and it’s unlikely to be linear. My belief in random, emergent evolution of living ecosystems keeps me waking up to a beautiful world of possibility in which letting go into love and compassion lie at the heart of all things.

“Catherine is a unique and essential link in the puzzle of existence. An embodiment of peace. She helped me bridge the divide between our physical world and what I’ve been feeling at a deeper level. Appreciative and inspired.” Arcadia, Ecovillage 

“The evening helped me to clarify where to put my energy; I was losing precious energy by being angry. I feel more at peace and in acceptance.” Jane, Ecovillage

“It would be easy to spiral into anxiety and catastrophising. But instead Catherine’s words affirmed my sentiments: live life to the full with a generosity of spirit. and support and care for ourselves and each other in community.” Nicola, Currumbin

I’d love to know your response to the evening as the conversation unfolds. If you would like like further counsel with Catherine you can book through her website.

Blessings on the journey xx

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