Normal Interrupted

In this liminal space of rapid transformation we have proved how quickly we can change…when the threat is outside ourself. When an “enemy” is in our midst, look how quickly we take on a war mentality and jump into line, behave or beware.

But what if the biggest threat to humanity are the things that already sit uncomfortably in our frame of reference – ecological collapse, escalating violence against women, starvation, incarceration, homelessness, depression, addiction, suicide, obesity, autoimmunity…these will kill more people than COVID-19. Who knows if the isolation and separation from this virus will kill more people than the actual virus?

This is not to down play the scale of the danger posed by the virus to human health for the elderly and immune compromised. And that social distancing, and hand hygiene are the best ways to slow the curve of this highly contagious virus. 

“The University of Sydney’s policy lab devised a set of principles that is designed to guide policymakers through the pandemic: fair and equal access to health care; shared economic sacrifice; enhancing social relationships (while distancing physically); protecting democracy, rights and liberties, including holding government accountable; and building a sustainable future.” (The Saturday Paper)

Here is our portal to another world, a wide angled view through the telescope that focuses on the world, the society, the community we want to create. Which path will we take?

Separation vs Solidarity
Now do we see we are one?
Couch choir meets balcony singing repairs communities

Hoarding vs sharing
Universal basic income, housing and health care for all
Seek to understand the conditions that make people vulnerable in the first place.

Germs vs Ground
The ground in which all grows, matters
Microbes matter, they inform our immunity
Sanitise all lifeforms and we kill the informers

Enemy vs Friend
War is easy, crisis is control
Making friends takes work, takes repair, requires listening

Other vs We
Us and them merge to one
The crowning glory

This reflection is based on the essay of Charles Eisenstein, The Coronation with gratitude, appreciation and respect.

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