Witness Mother Nature

The trees creak and bend in mourning wind.
Releasing the night’s stiffness like an arthritic human.
Engulfed in the heat and smoke haze,
I see the dry, dead, brittle landscape ready to blow,
And feel a dull ache in the guts.

Yesterday I walked by a tree, 
That was cradling another’s branch in its arms. 
In love, the plant cares for the plant.
This morning the birds make space for each other to drink. 
In love, the animal cares for the animal. 

But what of us humans?
We love our big houses, big cars, big mines, big things.
Whilst rainforest is burning, lushness of past years gone,
Degree by degree,
By our peril we can no longer stand and watch. 

Earth calling to us, imploring us, 
Asking us to love it in return.
It’s easy to dial down love to zero. 
Pain threshold hidden under a pile of packaging. 

Say like the naysayers that it’s a hoax. 
Business as usual for fools.
To feel is to grieve loss of us,
Our children’s children’s garden. 

We are waking up together.
No longer willing to be in denial.
Co creators of an exchange of love,
Between us and earth. 
Led by the courageous few who, 
Dare to speak, shout, weep and grieve,
For the legacy left by the anthropocene.

This is not happening TO us 
But WITH us, FOR us.
This is no weird prepositional game.
Try unprecedented, out of control, catastrophic, 
A bleeding horror story.

The red tide is turning, 
Pushed not from the top but the heat of the streets. 
Smells like a revolution. 
Empty words will never work. 
Because nature doesn’t lie. 

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