Love Liver

I’m here to tell you that liver is one of THE most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  Packed full of  vitamin A (preformed retinol so it’s already usable by the body), D3, K2, iron, choline and B vitamins – folate and B12, it’s a superfood for menopause. See nutrient profile at bottom of post.

As a woman’s brain is less able to metabolise sugar in menopause due to declining estrogen levels, fat becomes the most usable fuel source and to help prevent neurological diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Liver contains a special phospholipid called choline that supports brain health along with all the other nutrients in liver.

7 benefits  of liver:

  1. supports gut integrity and prevents leaky gut (improves oral tolerance) reducing risk of food allergy
  2. improves immunity and fights free radicals
  3. vision health
  4. prevents anaemia
  5. regulates gene function and supports healthy DNA
  6. supports liver function and detoxification
  7. reduction in stress induced inflammation 

Chicken Liver Pate

500gm chicken livers, organic pasture raised

120g of mushrooms like portobello, shitake, oyster, swiss brown
100 g ghee
1 large red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 Tbs of brandy
1/3 cup of parsley
1 handful of thyrme
1 handful of sage
salt and pepper to taste

In a frypan, saute the onion and garlic in half of ghee until translucent. Add the mushrooms and saute for anther 5 mins. Add the chopped livers, chopped herbs and brandy, season with salt and pepper and cook with the lid on for 15 mins until the livers are still slightly pink or to your liking.  Transfer to a food processor and blend to achieve the consistency you like, smooth or chunky country style and check seasoning again. Press flat into terrine and top with remaining ghee. Refrigerate and use in 5 days or freeze in portions. 

Serve as above with green olives, avocado, homemade seed crackers, vegetables and salad. Enjoy!

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