I have had personal experience with each of these practitioners and feel blessed to have received their guidance and healing. I heartily recommend their work – it is transformational on so many levels! 

Sono Michetti – Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong Instructor, Acupuncture-East –  

Lise Racine – Traditional Herbalist and Craniosacral Therapist –

Ian Owles – Compounding Pharmacist, Australian Online Compounding Chemist –

Dr Dominque Wells – Integrative Doctor, NIIM Gold Coast –

Michelle Denny – Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, Sage Healing –

Dana Isgrove – Counselling Relationships –

Sarah Callaham –  Pilates Instructor –

Liz GilbertGrant – Raw Food Advocate, Inspirational Speaker and Relationship Counsellor mb 0468925527

Ishtar – Spiritual Heart Awakener, mb 041182724I

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