Natural Menopause Help


Perimenopause – the time before menopause – can be like puberty in reverse. Mood swings, skin breakouts, heavy periods, bloating, headaches and sleep issues….but with all the responsibilities of midlife; ageing parents, relationships in flux, financial stress and your own teenage children. Aaaghh…..

Walking through the portal of menopause has the potential to be deeply healing. But with any major life transition including menstruation and pregnancy, needs time for rest and adjustment. It’s a time to integrate all that has come before, to let go of old habits, fears and beliefs. Time to unleash your creativity, embrace life and rediscover the joy and pleasure of being woman.

“Menopause is an invitation to come on the mother of all road trips. It asks you to drop the baggage and the bullshit. Take the wheel and get real.  Turn the music up. Feel the wind in your face, the freedom of the open road and trust your intuition.  Embrace your body, expand your mind and soul, and gain agency over your life. Feel it. Know it. Live it. Love it!”

Belinda Rennie

Meet the Menopause Whisperer, Nutritionist, Belinda Rennie. I’ve had many of these problems myself and guided hundreds of other women through this major life transition to arrive at a more peaceful and balanced place. 

In my experience, what the body is crying out for is time and space for self care, kindness and healing. I sit with you side by side gently guiding you to move, rest, connect, breathe and nourish yourself into a new way of being. I value and respect your body’s innate ability to heal given whole nutrient dense food that matches your unique nature. Using the art and science of food and nutrition, the emerging field of genetics, and drawing on the feminine honouring traditions of Ayurveda, herbs and essential oils, we can craft a program that’s unique to you.

“Doesn’t everything die at last and too soon? 
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

I’m a Qualified Nutritionist and smartDNA practitioner with a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (Melbourne) and a Bachelor of Applied Science. I have spent time overseas and in Australia working in private practice in women’s wellness, hormone balance and gut health. My practice, Natural Menopause, is based in the lush hills of Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast where I live with my partner and the comings and goings of my young adult daughters.