Human beings are a random composition of the 5 elements: earth, water, air, space and fire. We mirror the natural world. How often have you felt unbalanced or scattered on a windy day. Irritable or fiery when the temperature rises. Heavy, congested and lethargic when the humidity increases?  These are just expressions of the elements moving in our body. 

When we lie, sit, stand and walk, bringing our full awareness and consciousness to the movement of these elements within us, we can ask deeper questions, “What does my body, heart or mind want to say? What do I need to let go of that might be making this fire inside, or wind worse? What do I need to keep and develop to ground myself back to a place a wholeness? And ultimately, how is love wanting to be revealed?” 

Menopausal symptoms can be understood as an imbalance of these 5 elements especially the drying, disturbing qualities of air and space – insomnia, migraines, brain fog, memory loss and thinning of hair and skin. In the transition space of menopause, joints can become problematic. Hot flashes, are an imbalance in the air and fire elements and weight gain and fluid retention, from disturbed water and earth elements. Air and space however, remain the mistresses of menopausal transition and that’s why breathing, yoga and meditation can reduce or eliminate many symptoms.

Look around you and see which of these 5 universal elements are out of balance in the world right now. We are navigating an increasingly turbulent world burning up with the fire and air elements out of balance, impacting earth and water. Are we just throwing more logs on the fire inflaming situations with anger? We may grasp in fear, topple over with confusion, snap in anger or sink into despair.

When we are more in touch with our inner voice we can tune into the elements of Nature and become more receptive to her voice screaming for our care. This calls for a quality of expansive equanimity. Steady in the face of fear, disruption, chaos and destruction, we can act with the full force of our loving being.


Lying on the earth my body, 
Makes a bridge,
For souls to cross.
Stay too long lying and I’m swallowed by the earth.
No bridge no connection, where is the love in that?

Sitting, I feel the grief rise in my heart.
Water forms to tears, cleanses my spirit.
I am released.
But stay too long with the tears, 
I’m broken apart in a leaky boat.
Treading water, where is the love in that?

Standing, my feet rooted in the earth,
Wind, forcing me to bend and grow.
Get stronger, more resilient.
Stand too long and the air disturbs my mind.
Cracks open and shatters into fragments, where is the love in that?

Still, wherever I find myself,
Surrounded by space.
Able to deeply inhale and exhale, let go of constriction.
For a moment liberated from my mind,
Into new levels of clarity and freedom.
But lost in space, where is the love in that?

Moving through the landscape, 
Anger makes me spark.
I add more and more mind, 
And more and more logs inflame the fire.
Burnt out, where is the love in that?

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