smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test

This test covers up to 160 DNA changes. The Genomic Wellness PLUS Test is the most affordable, scientifically up to date and comprehensive analysis with action steps to create a personalised nutrition and wellness program based on your unique genetics.

A saliva tests measures 160 personalised genetic variations in DNA called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). Results are available in 3 weeks and are emailed to me as your practitioner.

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Cost $370

Interpretation of Genomic Wellness Test

Let’s make sense of your results in the context of your personal and family history and relevant biomarkers like blood or functional tests. Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations can then be personalised to your unique genetics.

Cost $150

Duration 1.5 hours


smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test and Interpretation session.

Cost $499

smartGUT Microbiome Test

The smartGUT Microbiome Test sequences all of the bacteria in your microbiome that play a big part in your wellness.

Your Advanced smartGUT report includes: 

  1. beneficial or problematic bacteria associated with health or disease
  2. levels of your bacteria and their ability to produce compounds linked to your health. 
  3. probiotic bacteria present in your gut microbiome sample
  4. your gut microbiome’s ability to digest dietary protein, fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. 
  5. gut metabolites that produce or consume by-products such as vitamins and neurotransmitters
  6. Learn how old your gut microbiome is: your gut age relative to your chronological age.

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Cost $297

Interpretation of smartGut Microbiome Test

Cost $150  Duration 1.5 hours


smartDNA Microbiome Test and interpretation

Cost $420