Dear Sugar

If you are struggling with sugar addiction you are not alone. It’s a journey many of us are walking. I am referring to the challenges I faced when switching to a Primal style of eating: high in fat, high in above ground vegetables, enough protein and low carbohydrates. It pressed all my buttons…

Dear Sugar
You kept me company and filled the spaces,
When others had checked out,
Glazed over, gone somewhere else.

You were here for me like a good book.
Sweetened my life before I knew life.
Gave me the spark of recognition,
When my thirst wasn’t quenched by mothers milk.
It’s woven into my DNA, 
And now I am ready to untangle the strands.

Anxiety rises in the back of my throat.
Too hard to speak, say what I need.
Brain switches to what it knows.
The long, slow, slide into sweet oblivion.

But stop, no!
It’s a choice to feel or not feel.
To go to the lonely places, sorrow and sadness
Or just skim the surface for fleeting pleasure.

Dear Sugar, to not need you,
I will choose to feel.
Dear Sugar, without you,
I will find my own path to freedom.

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