Creature Comfort

Consumption by its very nature makes us mindless rather than mindful. As we approach the new decade beginning 2020, we are facing the reality of a massive change in the order of things. Terry Patten, author of A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries, says “our soft consumerist lifestyles will have to change…life as we have known it will be interrupted.”

How can we have a different relationship with consumption and the comfort it brings that takes into account a more local, community focused and more sustainable approach? We are bound to benefit more when we share resources, take care of what we already have and learn new skills to adapt to a world where discomfort is inevitable. 

Creature Comfort

Thoughts consume me.
Sometimes they keep me awake at night. 
Stop me meeting the other with and open mind.
Less thinking.
Be comfortable with less mind.

Food consumes me.
Eat more of the foods I really love.
Less thinking about food.
Grow my own.
Be comfortable with less food.

Self-image consumes me.
Care less about how I look.
Care less about how other people judge me.
Less judging myself.
Be comfortable with less.

Eat weeds.
Basket weave.
Cook over a fire.
Learn the songs of the birds and trees.  
Sleep outside. 
Barter, brew, ferment.
Collectively cultivate community.

There’s a softness to all of this.
rewilding of ourselves into the landscape.
And it’s free!

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