Let’s talk

Tell me your major health concerns over the phone or Skype and I’ll let you know if I can help.  Complete the contact form here and I will call you to arrange a time.

Cost: Free 

Duration 15 mins 

“No libido, hot sweats, irritable, emotional, cranky…basically riding a roller coaster of hormonal instability.  Well, if all or part of this sounds familiar go and chat with the lovely, sensitive and very knowledgeable Belinda Rennie (The Menopause Whisperer).  Found my sessions very helpful and have gradually felt some relief from the constant roller coaster ride that was my life.  Take the time to see Belinda; be patient results will not be instant but you owe yourself and those who love and live with you.”

 Di, age 47, Mudgeeraba,

Initial Consultation

Share your health and family history in more depth. We can start to make connections about how you are feeling with what might be going on in your body. At the end of this appointment you will leave with some basic dietary and lifestyle guidelines and recommended supplements and blood tests if necessary.

A link to the pre-consultation Client Questionnaire will be sent to you  to complete before your appointment. 

Download 5 days of the Food/Mood/Poop journal  here (print out 5 one for each day) to complete before you come to the session.

Cost $140

Duration 1 hour 15 mins

Follow up Consultation

How are you going? Let’s dive more deeply into your concerns, expand and fine tune your program. 

Download and complete the Dietary Fine Tune Quiz here.

Cost $100

Duration 45 mins 

“By combining the learned Science of Nutrition with an innate intuitive sense, Belinda continues to guide and encourage me to a new level of self-awareness which has helped enormously in my journey towards a gentler, more sustainable level of health and wellbeing.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

 Shaleen, age 49 Mudgeeraba

Package of 3 Consults

Initial and 2 Follow Up Consults.

Download Woman Wise here to tune your awareness about how you care for yourself.

Cost $320  

“During the time I have been seeing Belinda she has fine tuned my diet, helping me find a gentle balance between foods that I like and those that will nourish and support me and my hormones  at this stage of my life.  She has given me a suggested  menu plan with recipes, selected specific tissue salts that I require for my hair, skin, nails, nerves and mind as well as talking about various alternate methods of exercise such as dance and yoga.  Belinda has helped me understand the changes occurring through the information she imparts each time I meet with her.  Thank you Belinda.”

 Helen, age 56, Upper Coomera