Natural Menopause Help


Hot Chocolate Elixir

Hot chocolate has done a radical makeover with the popularity of mushroom extracts. Chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps all have unique properties that can enhance the humble hot chocolate.  I use cordyceps in this recipe for it’s life enhancing, blood oxygenating, yin boosting and phytoestrogenic qualities ideal for menopause. Combined with raw cacao, maca …

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Hearty Porridge

Although not strictly keto because of the high carb content of quinoa flakes and the custard apple, this delicious gluten free “paleo” version of oatmeal, is made filling and nourishing with the extra fats. When you dry roast the quinoa flakes they lose their bitterness and become nuttier and golden with with ghee.  The porridge …

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Soul Soup

I consider all soups and stews, anything slow cooked as soul food. So much love and presence goes into the slow ministrations of a simmering pot of chicken soup – a stir here, a taste there, a handful of herbs… Like other bone based soups and broths, this soup is a collagen injection. Collagen is …

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Bone Broth

Bone broth is a winter staple in the frugal kitchen. It is one of the healthiest, cheapest and easiest foods made popular by the GAPS diet. Bone broth is a fundamental food for women particularly in menopause, whether it is healing the gut, supporting immunity, maintaining healthy bones, pain free joints and glowing skin. This …

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