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v. re·paired, re·pair·ing, re·pairs To restore to a sound, good, or complete state after decay. To make amends for, as for an injury. To fortify; defend. The bell has sounded and it’s home time. Time for contemplation, reflection, pairing ideas to find creative connections. Time to rewire oneself, repair relationships with others and the land. Feel the wisdom …

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Good Grief!

I’ve come to understand that there is a form of good grief. As we witness the tragedy of the bushfires and count the losses, I am finding new ways to be with grief. As Catherine Ingram, journalist, author and activist says in her influential essay, Facing Extinction “We grieve because we love. To the degree …

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Creature Comfort

Consumption by its very nature makes us mindless rather than mindful. As we approach the new decade beginning 2020, we are facing the reality of a massive change in the order of things. Terry Patten, author of A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries, says “our soft consumerist lifestyles will have to …

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