Natural Menopause Help


The Colour Purple – Foods for Spiritual Nutrition

“Our most agonising spiritual dilemma is the necessity for food.” Teilhard de Chardin, French theologian and philosopher With our obsession for fixing our bodies, superfoods and the latest health trends, how can we eat for spiritual clarity and vitality? Eating for spiritual nutrition helps to raise our energy and vibration above the bombardment of negative …

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Hot Chocolate Elixir

Hot chocolate has done a radical makeover with the popularity of mushroom extracts. Chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps all have unique properties that can enhance the humble hot chocolate.  I use cordyceps in this recipe for it’s life enhancing, blood oxygenating, yin boosting and phytoestrogenic qualities ideal for menopause. Combined with raw cacao, maca …

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Diary of a Hippy – the story of a Total Hip Replacement

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  Rumi I am 54 when the team wheels me towards surgery.  The nurse looks at me curiously, “Athlete?” I guess in her experience most people my age, lying in my position were either athletes, chronic over-exercisers, had an acute injury, or were born with hip issues. …

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Hearty Porridge

Although not strictly keto because of the high carb content of quinoa flakes and the custard apple, this delicious gluten free “paleo” version of oatmeal, is made filling and nourishing with the extra fats. When you dry roast the quinoa flakes they lose their bitterness and become nuttier and golden with with ghee.  The porridge …

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