Are you an Apocaloptimist? Someone who knows it’s all going to sh*t, but still thinks it will turn out OK? A very apt word to describe being in the middle of menopause AND the unfolding climate crisis.  

At the end of the end of the day, NOW is the “time to give yourself over to what you love, perhaps in new and deeper ways…and direct your attention to anything that gladdens your heart.” These are Catherine Ingram’s wise words from her essay, Facing Extinction

What are the little things that help you wake up to the world right NOW? Find them, cherish them, embody them to calm your nervous system:

  • A cool breeze on my skin
  • Eating breakfast with the sun on my back
  • Smell of rain, sound of rain
  • Sound of the creek in full flood
  • Cry of the black cockatoo 
  • Falling asleep in the bath
  • Slow brewed chai and a great book 
  • Sharing food with friends
  • A hug with the person you love 
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing 

Image credit: Photograph of Hiromi Tango’s work at a recent exhibition at Tweed Valley Gallery.

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