Natural Menopause Help


Feed your unique genetics and gut bacteria


Self-care to restore energy,
reduce stress


With ease, pleasure and freedom


Deep healing, restorative sleep


Intimacy with yourself and others


Move from chaos to calm. Reclaim your body, mind and mojo before, during and after menopause.

Energy and Mood

More energy and focus. Address anxiety, mood issues and find deep relaxing sleep.

Hot Flushes

Reduce hot flushes with stress reduction, essential oils, and breathing techniques.

Gut Support

Balance gut bacteria, support immunity and detoxification for hormone and brain health.

Hormone Balance

Re-calibrate your hormones to manage  cravings, blood sugar, appetite, and weight.

" Thank you so much Belinda for all your help. I can hardly believe how great I am feeling. The hot flushes have reduced significantly at last, and the insomnia that I have experienced for the last 2 years, all but gone too. The changes to my diet and lifestyle along with the herbal remedies you have suggested all appear to be working. Thank you." Sheryl, age 55, Burleigh Heads


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